Men Matter Series: A Quest for the True Self

Father Richard shares his years of first-hand experience with male initiation in traditional cultures around the world, where he heard the elders say, "you'd better teach your boys well or your boys won't become men."

Listen to what this message means for men, women and children today.


Men Matter Series: Men and Grief.

Both men and women will benefit from Father Richard's explanations of how men process grief.  "Men naturally block pain and need to be taught to feel what they don't want to feel".

Listen as Father Richard communicates the wisdom of other cultures and of the gospels in dealing with grief.



In this teaching, Richard gives advice to those who currently function as mentors, or are considering becoming mentors. He shares insights into who a mentor is, what a mentor does, and the nature of the mentoring relationship.

Mentoring leads us into the Real Work inside: to work on ourselves; to do our soul work and not be preoccupied with answer-giving and problem-solving. The focus is on the inside, “cleaning the inside of the cup.” It is clarifying our attitudes and our intentionality.

On the Edge: Being a Christian in the 21st Centuary

How do you live with your own contradictions and inconsistencies which have all been multiplied by the contraditions and inconsistencies of our government and our Church?



Paul as Liberator

How did the man who took on, and tried to liberate, both his own Jewish establishment and the new Christian authorities, come to be seen as a petty moralist, and even misogynist?

This talk presents an overview of the problem and a new vision of the great soul who helped form Western and Christian civilisation in a major way.


Politics and Spirituality: Seeking a Public Integrity.

In January 2006, this significant conference took place in Washington DC, led by Father Richard Rohr, of the Centre for Action and Contemplation; Jim Wallsi, author and founder of Sojourners Community and editor of its magazine; and highly acclaimed author, Anne Lamott.


Priests as Learners and Elders: The Essential Stages in Male Spiritual Formation

Recorded at a priests' retreat in the North West of England, Father Richard shares the stages of the male spiritual journey so that it might enrich the lives of the priests present and the men in their parishes.


Prophets Then, Prophets Now

This 2006 Summer Conference brought together two of the finest spiritual thinkers of our times: Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, and Father Richard Rohr, OFM.

Sister Joan challenges us by asking "Who are You?" and Father Richard dares us to "Change Now".

We are all called to be a prophetic voice in our time: called to a Third Way, as in the words of Jeremiah, "a heart of flesh", in contrast to the righteousness so common in Western society today.  



Richard Rohr " Living in God's Presence"

In this teaching Father Richard helps us to understand how a practice of daily prayer can change the way we see the reality of our life.

Living in Gods Presence 034.jpg

Silence in the City

In January 2008, Richard was asked to speak at the Silence in the City series held at Westminster Cathedral to an audience of over 500.

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