A New Cosmology: Nature as the First Bible

Excerpts from an eco-spirituality retreat given in Assisi, Italy, by Richard Rohr, OFM.

In 2009, Father Richard led a retreat where deep reflection on Scripture was blended with walks in the countryside of St. Francis. The hills of Assisi speak of the "brotherhood" and "sisterhood" of the natural world, of which we, the human family, are an integral part.


A New Way of Seeing.........A New Way of Being

In his teaching at the religious Congress in Anaheim, California, Father Richard Rohr shows us that the essential messages of both the Gospels and the letters of Paul lead us to see God's reality in a new way and to think with a "different mind ".

This gift of immense grace allows us to love God's creation and one another as a fruit of reconciliation.


Action and Contemplation: Franciscan Spirituality Today - St James', Piccadilly

This event was sponsored by the Third Order, Society of Saint Francis European Province. It was held in the centre of London where 400 people gathered in the church of St James' to hear Father Richard speak on the topic of Franciscan Spirituality Today.

Adult Christianity.....And How to Get There

Fathers Ron Rolheiser and Richard Rohr uses this occasion to update a perennial and crucial theme: the need for Adult Christianity.

Both of these master teachers were able to make clear that we tend to do the "start up work" over and over again - identity, boundaries, law, structure, and authority.

As helpful as these initial guidelines are during our formative years, they mainly serve the purpose to create an internalised identity and value structure, which finally allows us to live the life of faith, trust, surrender, darkness, and service.


Becoming Stillness

In January 2008, Father Richard taught in Norwich Cathedral.

Julian of Norwich is a great inspiration for Richard.  Julian was a woman of great spiritual maturity: her experience of divine union is an example of how the life of faith and prayer can expand our experience and understanding of Reality, Humanity and Divinity.

Beginner's Mind

Richard suggests that a beginner’s mind is crucial for correct understanding of religion.

Ignorance does not result from what we don’t know but from what we think we do know.

Great spiritual teachers balance knowing with not knowing – and know that they don’t know.   Being willing not to know, because God knows, is a great gift.


Bias From the Bottom

The Biblical vision consistently teaches that the truth is more likley found at the edges and the bottom of society, while Institutional theology has largely been written by people at the top and the centre.

Father Richard explains how this change in perspective has distorted our hearing of the scriptures and our understanding of what Jesus is saying at every turn in Christian history.


Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps

Fr Richard has long held that the Twelve Steps program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is America’s most significant contribution to the practice of spirituality.

In this recording, he introduces his newest book, Breathing Under Water, where he looks at the Twelve Steps program and correlates some of its key elements to Scriptural passages, making clear the connection between spiritual transformation and the process of psychological healing.


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CAC (Centre for Action & Contemplation) Foundation Set

This 2CD set contains two teachings from Father Richard:


This teaching represents one half of the foundational vision of the Center for Action and Contemplation. The Biblical narrative consistently teaches us that the truth is more likely found at the edges and the bottom of society, while institutional theology has been written mainly by people at the top and the center.

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