Clear Voices Buckfast 2012

Ronald Rolheiser OMI the famous teacher and Theologian gave three wonderful talks at  Clear Voices   a four day festival of theology held at Buckfast Abbey in July.   Father Ronald’s theme was on how we can hear the voice of God clearly.  He helps us discover how to hear the voice of God today.

Part 1: How to hear Gods voice with clarity

Part 2: The clarity of Gods voice in Mysticism and the Sacraments

Part 3:  How to help your family hear Gods voice  

This teaching has a wonderful reflection on how we can relate with family and friends who no longer go to Church 

This event was fully subscribed so Agape Ministries were asked to record the talks and make them available to those who were not able to attend the four days at Buckfast.                     


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Clear Voices 3 CDs £15.00

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