Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps

Fr Richard has long held that the Twelve Steps program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is America’s most significant contribution to the practice of spirituality.

In this recording, he introduces his newest book, Breathing Under Water, where he looks at the Twelve Steps program and correlates some of its key elements to Scriptural passages, making clear the connection between spiritual transformation and the process of psychological healing.

He addresses the deeper meaning of addiction, especially the “enabling” behaviour found in those suffering substance addictions, as well as their family members. No one is left out, because he shows how the big addiction we all share is our way of thinking!

Fr. Richard expresses his hope that the book, as well as this recorded teaching, “passes on healing into the universe.” This recording is suitable for people in recovery and those close to them, as well as those counselling people in recovery.





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